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Difference between Marriage Boot Camp and Couples Retreat

What is the difference between the Marriage Boot Camp and Marriage Boot Camp’s Couples Retreat?

The Marriage Boot Camp is an intensive 4-day, 36-hour program designed to shake up your foundations and reorganize your life in a way that is healthier and more adapted to healthy relationships. Most people leave our program feeling like a new person. Couples leave the boot camp with a fresh start to their relationship. We do not promise to save your relationship – we promise that you will become a healthier person whether for the relationship you’re currently in or for the person you decide to be with in the future. The majority of our couples leave as happy and connected as when they first met.

If you are strongly considering divorce or feel like this program will make or break your relationship – we HIGHLY encourage you to attend the Marriage Boot Camp.

Marriage Boot Camp’s Couples Retreat is a relaxed and fun time to bond deeply with your partner and learn new skills that will take your relationship to the next level. Couples Retreat is a 3 day, 13-hour program where we journey those deep topics concerning your relational satisfaction, however you will not be heavily supervised and must be personally motivated to work through the issues in your relationship.

Couples Retreat is set among beautiful and fun backdrops and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the locations of our retreats. Our end of the weekend dinner party is the perfect time to commemorate the deep friendships you will make.

If you want a weekend to restore intimacy, have fun, and learn new ways to talk through vulnerable subject matter, the Couples Retreat is for you! All of our couples walk away with renewed connection and better understanding of their mate.

As with anything, some effort is better than no effort. If you are in a hard situation and are only able to attend a Couples Retreat – you will still heal and grow much more than if you opt to do nothing. Relationships are not easy and do not come naturally to us – especially if the only models we’ve had were broken and abusive. We are honored to come alongside you in the pursuit of real joy in your life. Find a program today!